1stBux клики по 1 центу ссылок 10/15 минималка 5$ вывод через Paypal. реф вроде 100%

What is 1stBux.com?
1stBux.com is a program which pays users for visiting websites. The process is easy! You click the links on the View ads section, view for at least 30 seconds and you get $0.01 for every link. You can get more money if you make other persons to sign-up using your referral link. For each person from your downline who surf ads you will get paid too. When you reach the minimum amount of money - $5, you can request payout. The payments are done by Paypal.


  - 0.0125$/click first level referrals earnings more.

  - 5 free referrals to your downline.

  - Priority Payments - get paid in less than 5 business days .

  Premium Membership is $ 30 for a 1 year membership.


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